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B.D. Memorial Convent School

From the Principal's Desk

Life is an abiding opportunity to make it better, and it is not seldom that most of us fail to realize, that the same opportunities may not come our way again. Opportunities are not always what one generally is inclined to think of them as, like having won a lottery ticket, or the chance of winning a huge sum of money in a Telly Show.

In order to become someone who can make a difference to one's life and to that of others, you have to enable yourself, by creating habits in your life that build the capacities within yourself, without your even knowing it. These capacities condition one's life, and without knowing it, you become a different person, apart from the crowd, someone others look up to with admiration or awe.

You can ask an Olympic gold medalist or a mountain climber who has made it to the peak of a steep mountain face, what delights him most, the applause of the crowd or the inner joy of doing what he wanted to do, and the obvious answer would be the latter. So success is not often what others think it to be, about you, but something entirely private, entirely personal. This could be stated of any IIT or IAS topper who, when questioned about how difficult was his or her journey, would readily answer that "it was not too difficult". Do they mean that it was a cake walk? Certainly not. What they say, simply is, that the success became less difficult because they had taken small, less difficult steps right from the beginning, which have conditioned them to take bigger steps much more comfortably .

I believe human greatness is embedded in everyone, and the differences among people are not so acute. It is how we tap, nurture, promote and protect our inner strengths, that we end up doing what we are doing. Take for instance, success in the exams. People perform below expectations, either because their learning technique is not correct or do not apply their mind to what they have to do. But between those who have genuinely tried to give their best and succeeded and those who think they have given their best and not succeeded, the difference is not about the intensity of application as about the deficiency of conditioning. If one has conditioned himself right from earlier years by placing his priorities in the center stage of everything in his life, without compromise, his ability to perform would have been far better conditioned than the other one who also worked hard but failed to get himself conditioned through consistent small steps.

Success depends entirely on your ability to know what you want, the diligence you put in place to look for it and find it, and the courage you have to pursue it. And such a success is not only what you do, after 5 or 10 years, but what you do each day, each month and each year. So gear up your internal strengths to arrive where you want to, but please remember, that in order to arrive at a particular goal, you must first be able to identify that goal and pursue it blindly.